Monday, March 23, 2009

Sarah Palin in the news again

Here on my blog I just want to say that I would never vote for Sarah Palin for anything, except maybe the coveted award "woman over forty I would like to see naked." (Which, thanks to people good with Photoshop, we saw a lot of Sarah Palin nude last year, sadly though, none of them were her. Maybe she'd pose nude for Playboy to help fight these debts? I'd definitely buy it if there were pictures of Sarah Palin nude inside.)
Anyhow, I'm getting distracted. Sarah is in the news again:
Gov. Sarah Palin owes more than a half million dollars to an Anchorage law firm that has defended her against ethics complaints, and she may create a legal fund to pay the bill, she said Friday.

Legal bills have mounted fighting complaints that she called partisan, false and frivolous, starting with "the politically motivated Troopergate probe," Palin said in a written response to questions.

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