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The Bee Gees Mythology

Mythology (4 CD) [Box set]

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Mythology is a box set compilation of recordings by the Gibb Brothers, mostly performed as The Bee Gees, arranged in a four disc set each highlighting each Gibb brother. Barry and Robin chose their own songs (presumably their personal favorites), with Maurice's songs selected by his widow Yvonne and Andy's songs selected by his daughter Peta. All of the songs on Barry's & Robin's disc have already been released on CD, though several are receiving new remasters by Rhino/Reprise, which is true for all the songs in this set. Maurice's disc includes two unreleased tracks from 1999, "Angel of Mercy" and "The Bridge", as well as his 1984 single "Hold Her In Your Hand", which makes its CD debut. Missing from Maurice's disc is his jazzy "My Thing" from 1970 and a rare B-side, "I've Come Back" from 1970, which has never been released on CD. Andy's disc contains his previously unreleased final song from 1987, "Arrow Through the Heart", which was briefly heard on Behind the Music: Andy Gibb.

Originally scheduled to be released on 3 November 2009, it was subsequently pushed back to March, 2010, but was removed from Rhino's release schedule as that date approached. The set was eventually released on 15 November 2010. During Barry & Robin's appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in March, the set was shown complete with liner notes and pictures.

Disc 1 / Barry

Spirits (Having Flown) (1979)
You Win Again (1987)
Jive Talkin' (1975)
To Love Somebody (1967)
Tragedy (1979)
Too Much Heaven (1979)
First of May (1969)
More Than a Woman (1977)
Love So Right (1976)
Night Fever (1977)
Words (1968)
Don't Forget to Remember (1969)
If I Can't Have You (1977)
Alone (1997)
Heartbreaker (1994)
How Deep Is Your Love (1977)
Love You Inside Out (1979)
Stayin' Alive (1977)
Barker of the UFO (1967)
Swan Song (1968)
Spicks and Specks (1966)

Disc 2 / Robin

I Am The World (1966)
New York Mining Disaster 1941 (1967)
I Can't See Nobody (1967)
Holiday (1967)
Massachusetts (1967)
Sir Geoffrey Saved The World (1967)
And The Sun Will Shine (1968)
The Singer Sang His Song (1968)
I've Gotta Get a Message to You (1968)
I Started A Joke (1968)
Odessa (City on the Black Sea) (1969)
Saved by the Bell (1969)
My World (1972)
Run to Me (1972)
Love Me (1976)
Juliet (1982)
The Longest Night (1987)
Fallen Angel (1993)
Rings Around the Moon (1997)
Embrace (2001)
Islands in the Stream (2001)

Disc 3 / Maurice

Man in the Middle (2001)
Closer Than Close (1997)
Dimensions (1991)
House of Shame (1989)
Suddenly (1969)
Railroad (1970)
Overnight (1987)
It's Just the Way (1971)
Lay It On Me (1970)
Trafalgar (1971)
Omega Man (1993)
Walking On Air (2001)
Country Woman (1971)
Angel of Mercy (1999)
Above and Beyond (1993)
Hold Her In Your Hand (1984)
You Know It's For You (1972)
Wildflower (1981)
On Time (1972)
The Bridge (1999)

Disc 4 / Andy

Shadow Dancing (1978)
I Just Want to Be Your Everything (1977)
(Love Is) Thicker Than Water (1977)
An Everlasing Love (1978)
Desire (1979)
(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away (1978)
Flowing Rivers (1977)
Words and Music (1977)
I Can't Help It (1979) (duet with Olivia Newton-John)
Time Is Time (1980)
Me (Without You) (1980)
After Dark (1979)
Warm Ride (1979)
Too Many Looks In Your Eyes (1977)
Man On Fire (1991)
Arrow Through The Heart (1987)
Starlight (1977)
Dance To The Light Of The Morning (1977)
In The End (1977)

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