Friday, December 9, 2011

A Real Traffic Getter- Bubba the Love Sponge

I haven't worked on this blog in ages, but I was at Google Analytics for another thing and thought I would look at my traffic. The top traffic bringer to this site by a lot was a rant I posted a couple of years ago about the Bubba the Lovesponge Show on Sirius satellite radio. My rant was that one of the show's cast members is actually a fictional character played by another of the cast members, and that that is a terrible way to treat their fans. For those that listen to the show, my theory is that Ned is actually just a "bit" created by Manson.

In the time since, Bubba has left Sirius. I have left Sirius too, but only because I sold the truck that had the Sirius radio in it, and I didn't think that Sirius was worth having enough that I'd go out and buy a unit for my new car. Last I heard, Bubba had switched to some internet-based radio start-up. I hope his show is doing well, I liked Brent and Spice Boy and Manson. Bubba seems like an interesting guy, but any guy who has their own tanning bed is automatically a douche.

Anyhow, I thought I would return the favor of sending me all that traffic by linking to some of their products at I'm sure that internet radio doesn't pay the bills like Sirius used to, so if you like crude humor, click the links below and show them some love.

This is a link to Bubba's mp3 download page at There really are some funny bits here.

You can also buy compilations, like Show Classics Volume 17

And I think some users might be selling their old stuff, like this link to Bubba Raw Volumes 1-3 (2009)

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