Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Bet Tosh Ain't Happy Today

If you watch Daniel Tosh's show, Tosh.0, you know he hates Nick Saban. I'm guessing that Tosh ain't a happy camper today after Alabama won the National Championship last night. Every time they showed Saban I said "Burn in Hell Nick Saban!" in honor of Daniel Tosh, but actually, before you Crimson Tide people get upset with me, I didn't really care who won the game as I think both schools, LSU and Alabama, were equally deserving of the title. I just wish that LSU had given Alabama a better game, it was pretty sad to watch them struggle and struggle and struggle to get anything moving on offense. I wish Les Miles would have pulled starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson, who was horrible in the game and replaced him with backup Jarrett Lee. Early on, when LSU was trying to establish their running game with some option plays, Jefferson was obviously not keen on getting hit, flipping the ball out to the back before the linebacker committed. If I were the coach I would have started warming up Lee the first time I saw that, and then brought him in the second time that Jefferson pussied out. I also think that LSU's playcalling was suspect, I would have thrown the ball down the field more. They tried several plays to the flats, and 'Bama was on them every time. I put this loss squarely on Les Miles- while Jefferson's poor play lost them the game, Miles should have pulled him.

Congrats Alabama Crimson Tide, sorry Tosh.

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