Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NHL for Wii with sticks!

NHL Slapshot Bundle for Wii Legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky lends his name and likeness to EA's first pro hockey game on Wii. The game includes a scaled-down hockey stick peripheral that holds both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in a vertical line. The optional peripheral is held like an actual stick and is designed to detect slapshots, wrist shots, body checks, and poke checks through motion-sensitive actions. In addition to the gesture-based controls, the Wii Remote's trigger functions as a modifier for passes, dekes, and other on-ice moves. Guide your favorite NHL team through a complete season, the Stanley Cup Finals, or in mini-games. The exclusive "Pee-Wee to Pro" mode has you guiding the Great One himself throughout his amateur and professional career. You can also create your own athlete in this mode, with Gretzky serving as your custom athlete's coach and mentor.
Wii Hockey Stick Extendable design Wii Remote compartment in grip Wii Motion plus compatible Lightweight, felxible Comfortable size for adults and children This Wii peripheral is designed after a hockey stick, turning your Wii-mote into a performance-enhancing, ‘lamp lighting’ accessory! This stick has an extendable design, which allows the stick to extend in length, fitting children to adults. This realistic accessory, allows you to mimic essential puck handling motions a virtual hockey game requires. In the grip of the stick, there is a compartment where the Wii Remot (with or without Wii MotionPlus) fits securely into. With the perfect accessory in your hand, you are ready to “triple deke,” shoot top-shelf and SCOORREEE the game winning penalty shot! Compatible with: • NHL 2K9 • NHL 2K10 • And any other Wii Hockey game that requires a Wii Remote

EA Sports NHL Slap Shot Hockey Stick It’s in Your Hands — Deke, check, and shoot with the all-new NHL Slapshot Hockey Stick game accessory, included with NHL Slapshot. Simply plug the Wii Remote and Nunchuk into the hockey stick and take over any game like a true NHL All-Star. Play from Peewee to the Pros — In Peewee to Pros Mode, start your hockey career as a Peewee on the neighborhood rink playing 3 on 3, and work your way through Bantam and Junior leagues, to 5 on 5 in the NHL. Level up your skills and attributes as you learn hockey fundamentals during your journey to the Pros. Be the Next Great One — Play as NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. Wear jersey #99 and take to the ice as the Great One in Peewee to Pros mode, or in Play Now mode at any level. Gretzky also provides game day tips and coaching advice when playing a career of your own. The Total Hockey Experience — Whether it’s 3 on 3, or 5 on 5 games, play with or against all the real players and teams from the CHL, AHL, and NHL. Play through a full NHL Season and Playoffs, for your chance to hoist the Stanley Cup! Split-Screen Shootout! — Practice deking and shooting in a fun, split-screen minigame for players of every skill level. Take shots on net to beat the goalie, or use your Nunchuk and Wii Remote as your glove and blocker to defend the net! Exciting New Mini-Games — Experience the mayhem of Free 4 All, the pressure of Classic Shootout, the fun of 2 on 2, and the competition of Shooter VS. Goalie against friends and family with four over-the-top multiplayer mini-games. Works with the NEW NHL Slapshot Bundle Wii

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