Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ron Swanson, The Greatest Television Character Ever?

One of my favorite shows right now is NBC's Parks and Rec. They have a tremendous cast (Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman) and great writing. It really is funny and a pleasure to watch.

One of my favorite characters is Ron Swanson, I thought I would share some of his better quotes from this season. For some of his most hilarious lines, you have to know the characters, so I've picked a few that might stand up on their own even if you don't watch the show!.

Ronald Ulysses "Ron" Swanson is a fictional character played by Nick Offerman in the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation on NBC. Ron is parks department director in the Indiana city of Pawnee and the immediate superior of protagonist Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). Despite holding a government job, Ron is a staunch Libertarian who believes in as little government as possible and feels the parks department should not exist. Ron's birthday is May 6th.

Ron, who has an extremely deadpan and masculine personality, actively works to make city hall less effective and despises interacting with the public. He loves meat, hunting and breakfast foods. He hates and fears his two ex-wives, both of whom are named Tammy (also his mother's name), one of whom is played by Offerman's real-life wife, Megan Mullally. Ron claims not to be interested in the personal lives of those around him but actually cares a great deal about his colleagues, and has a particularly strong respect for Leslie.

Conceived by series creators Michael Schur and Greg Daniels, Ron has been one of the main characters since the pilot episode of Parks and Recreation. Offerman had some input into the character's creation, and some aspects of Ron's personality were inspired by the actor, like his affinity for woodworking. The traits of the character were partially inspired by a real-life Libertarian elected official in Burbank, as well as political appointees of President George W. Bush. His views on politics have been compared to that of John Locke.

Offerman's portrayal of Ron Swanson has received critical acclaim. The character has developed a cult following and is widely considered the breakout character of the series. Schur has called Ron "our cast MVP." He has been described by some critics as one of the best characters in a situation comedy in decades, and has been called the best comedic character on television since Cosmo Kramer of Seinfeld. Ron's platonic relationship with Leslie has been compared to that of Mary Richards and Lou Grant in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Offerman has received several award nominations for the role, and won the TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Comedy, tying with Ty Burrell of Modern Family.

Parks & Recreation: Season One
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Parks & Recreation: Season 3

I don't want to paint with a broad brush here, but every single contractor in the world is a miserable, incompetent thief.

Of all my coworkers he is one of a small number of whom I do not actively root against...uh, there I go again gettin' all sappy

Every two weeks I need to sand down my toe nails. They're too strong for clippers

When people get a little too chummy with me I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know I don't really care about them.

I hope the rest of your day is cool beans.

This is my favorite part about having a new city manager. They always try to shake things up and their ideas are terrible and it brings city hall to a grinding halt. I just grab a few donuts, sit back, and enjoy the show.

It's never too early to learn that the government is a greedy piglet that suckles on a taxpayer's teet until they have sore, chapped nipples.

I won't publicly endorse a product unless I use it exclusively and I really believe in it. My only official recommendations are US Army issued mustache trimmers, Morton's Salt, and the C.R. Lawrence fine two inch style oscillating knife blade.

I don't like loud noises and people making a fuss. And I especially don't like people celebrating, because they know a piece of private information about me. Plus the whole thing is a scam. Birthdays were invented by Hallmark to sell cards.

You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs, but what I said was: Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.

Encapsulate the spirit of melancholy. Easy. Boom, a sad desk. Boom, sad wall. It's art. Anything is anything.


Film Geek Bastard said...

I love this character.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Never heard of this but that is a well conceived character.

My 2 Pesos said...

I don't even know who he is.

Dreadnaught said...

ah come on guys, how do you not know this show? its AMAZING lol so funny. My favorite and I agree, Ron Swanson is a boss. Love that guy

sonnema said...

never heard of him either, sorry dude

The Angry Lurker said...

We haven't got this yet but I hear good things......

Jimmy Fungus said...

I don't use the word "hero" very often...but I have to say that Ron Swanson is one of the greatest heroes who have ever lived.

G said...

not seen this guy yet....but sounds good

dopdavid said...

I've seen a few things with him in it and i can't say they were bad, i enjoyed them. he's good