Friday, March 30, 2012

Clear Heart Full Eyes- A great album by Craig Finn

Craig Finn- Clear Heart Full Eyes
Clear Heart Full Eyes is the debut solo album by The Hold Steady vocalist and guitarist Craig Finn, released on January 24, 2012 on Full Time Hobby. Produced by Mike McCarthy, the album was recorded during a five-month break from The Hold Steady, with Finn noting, "I wanted to do something with a little more storytelling and a lot less volume."
2012 solo album from the Hold Steady mainman. Produced by Mike McCarthy, the album features Finn backed by musicians Josh Block, Jesse Ebaugh, Ricky Ray Jackson, and Billy White. The album was recorded in Austin, Texas during the summer of 2011 and captures the raw excitement of Finn's songs, most of which were captured in no more than three takes.

1. "Apollo Bay"
2. "When No One's Watching"
3. "No Future"
4. "New Friend Jesus"
5. "Jackson"
6. "Terrified Eyes"
7. "Western Pier"
8. "Honolulu Blues"
9. "Rented Room"
10. "Balcony"
11. "Not Much Left for Us"


* Craig Finn - vocals, guitar
* Josh Block - drums, percussion
* Jesse Ebaugh - bass guitar, upright bass, bass six, organ
* Ricky Ray Jackson - guitars, pedal steel
* Billy White - guitars, bass six
* Catherine Davis - piano, organ, keyboards
* Katie Holmes - fiddle
* Hope Irish - backing vocals
* Will Johnson - backing vocals

Recording personnel

* Mike McCarthy - producer
* Jim Vollentine - additional engineering
* Matthew Smith - assistant engineer
* Greg Calbi - mastering


* Christian Helms - art direction, design
* Erick Montes - art direction, design
* Susan Helms - cover textile art
* Andrew Yates - photography
* Don Weir - photography

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