Sunday, June 7, 2015

Grateful Dead Live at Carousel Ballroom on February 14, 1968

Valentine's Day, 1968. Wow.

Dead were ON FIRE. This show was so good it was released as "Road Trips Vol 2.2"

Look at the setlist, it is basically the Anthem of the Sun album done live. Wow.

And, true confession here, I love Spanish Jam.

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Morning Dew, Dark Star, China Cat Sunflower, The Eleven, Turn On Your Lovelight Cryptical Envelopment->>; The Other One->>; Cryptical Envelopment->>; New Potato Caboose->>; Born Cross-Eyed->>; Spanish Jam, Alligator->>; Drums->>; Alligator->>; Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks), E: Midnight Hour

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