Monday, December 7, 2015

Bubba the Love Sponge Bubbles Back to Top

Occasionally I take a few months off from blogging and then come back with something new.
This time I'm coming back with something old.

I was just looking at this old blog, trying to think of something interesting to say, and I looked at the traffic this site receives. One of my most-read articles is this one, which basically explains why I think that the character on Bubba the Love Sponge's radio show known as Ned, is actually a "non-existing dude" (NED, you get it?).  I believe that Ned is actually Manson, one of Bubba's more talented side-kicks.

Another popular post is this one, which says basically the same thing as the other one, but was written a few months earlier.

I listened to Bubba for several months back when he was on one of Howard Stern's channels on Sirius. I was wildly entertained. The old-time wrestler and carney lingo, the "party till you drop" ethos, Spice Boy and John Lynch. It was all radio gold.

Somewhere I got soured on Bubba. Probably when it became clear that he planned on bitching about how little Sirius was paying him on a semi-annual basis. The sketchy advertising- the guy literally had a doctor in his studio who regularly talked up testosterone creams and cialis- started to bother me also. It doesn't take a doctor to figure out that that stuff is not something to take lightly, and here was big fat Bubba and Dr. Mark telling all his listeners that this stuff is good for you!

So I guess he didn't re-up with Sirius and tried some Radio IO thing for a while, and now has "landed back in Florida" back on "terrestrial radio" with a handful of syndicating stations. In the mean time, he and his super hot and nice wife Heather divorced him, and he had a falling out with his best friend Hulk Hogan because he let Hogan bang his hot wife while Bubba's security camera's caught it all. Yeah, the film got released. Use your best Hulk-a-mania voice here- Sorry Brother!

Right? Getting the idea? The guy is a scumbag with no morals. Cheaters never win, so how's this guy been successful? Beats me, but it seems like the karma train might have pulled up to Bubba Clem station again.

According to many articles, Bubba is being sued by Nielson for ratings tampering. It's an ongoing story at this point, with updates last week saying that Nielson has evidence that Bubba tampered with more than one Nielson person.

It gets better. During a defamation suit with another DJ, three of Bubba's lawyers were caught trying to get the rival attorney arrested for operating under the influence.

So, there's today's story people- scumbag DJ. Same story and same DJ as 2008, just now he's lying to more than his audience. Bet he wishes he'd kept that big fat ego under control and stayed at Sirius all those years ago, eh?

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